LRS Interactive Public Data Tool: Quick Guide

Choose Your Mode

Point your favorite browser to and select either Basic or Advanced mode.

Basic Mode

Basic mode allows you to quickly and easily see data for a single year and statistic group.

Advanced Mode

Advanced mode gives you more options for refining your results by allowing you to select multiple...

  • Years
  • Statistics
  • Libraries
  • Population Groups
  • Legal Basis Groups

Export Results

Results can be viewed as HTML or exported to .csv format. The Master File option allows you to export all data for your selected year(s) in .csv format; use this options if you prefer to analyze the results in Excel or Open Office.

Visualize Results

Data can be viewed as graphs and plotted to maps.

Graphs can be viewed for...

  • A single statistic group, and multiple years and libraries
  • Multiple statistics and years, and a single library

Maps can be viewed for...

  • A single statistic and year, and multiple libraries