The 2016 Public Library Annual Report (aka annual survey) closed on March 15, 2017. Thank you for your participation.

Survey Support Documents and Links

Survey Tutorials

The Public Library Annual Report uses Collect survey software. The following online tutorials will help guide you through the survey process and the use of Collect. To navigate through the tutorials there is a toolbar located at the bottom of each tutorial screen. This bar has controls for fast-forward, rewind, pause, and closed captioning.

1. Getting Started
This chapter introduces you to the basic functions of the Collect software, including logging in, system requirements, and simple navigation.

2. Survey Components
This chapter covers the survey components and their definitions including question numbers, data elements, previous year’s data, data entry boxes, green flags, and the notepad icon.

3. Filling Out the Survey and Edit Checks
This chapter covers filling out the survey, including how to navigate the survey, automatic calculations, and edit checks.

4. Printing and Submitting Your Survey
This chapter covers how to print and save your survey report in PDF or HTML format, as well as the final steps to submit your completed report.


If you have questions about the survey or data elements, please contact Linda Hofschire at or 303-866-6827. For help with technical questions about Bibliostat Collect, contact Product Support at 1-866-785-9935.