Library Technology

Computer Statistics

Pew Research Center Internet/Broadband Fact Sheet

U.S. Census Bureau – Digital Equity Act Population Viewer

An interactive mapping tool displaying availability and adoption of broadband and internet-connected device use at the state level. The data will be used to allocate funding under the bipartisan Digital Equity Act of 2021.

National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

Internet Costs and Cost Models for Public Libraries offers practical cost information related to Internet connectivity and services to help librarians plan for an appropriate level of Internet service, and train staff and the local community about connectivity options, configurations, alternatives, and costs.
Internet Costs and Cost Models for Public Libraries: Final Report

E-Rate Information for Schools and Libraries

The Colorado State Library’s E-rate page includes information on how to apply for E-rate, students determining discounts, technology planning, and other resources. See: E-Rate Resources.

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center)

OCLC is a multipronged nonprofit that provides free training for public libraries at WebJunction and conducts research on a wide variety of library topics.

OCLC Research


In 2002, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) a three-year grant to build a portal for public libraries and other organizations that provide open access to information. Building on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s five-year-old U.S. Library Program, which has provided over 40,000 computers with Internet access to more than 10,000 libraries across the United States and Canada, WebJunction is the work of five organizations, led by OCLC.

Research Projects

Colorado Digitization Project Report 2001
A Comparison of Web-Based Library Catalogs and Museum Exhibits and Their Impacts on Actual Visits: A Focus Group Evaluation for the Colorado Digitization Project. This report evaluates user perceptions of the relative merits of the catalog and the exhibit approaches to providing access to digital information.