The following items will be used to evaluate the scholarship application:

  • Complete application has been submitted (YES/NO)
  • Supervisor Statement of Support has been submitted (YES/NO)
  • Applicant is a first-time RIPL participant (YES/NO)
  • Applicant works in a rural and small U.S. public library (YES/NO)

Note: A “no” for any of the items above will disqualify the application.

-Please rate the quality of each applicant’s responses to the following questions from 1-5 (1=lowest rating, 5=highest rating):

  1. Why are you interested in attending RIPL?
  2. What change(s) might you make in your library based on the knowledge and skills you gain at RIPL?
  3. How do you plan to share what you have learned at RIPL with the rural and small library community?

 -Please rate each application from 1-3 (1=lowest rating, 3=highest rating) on the following:

  1. Written communication skills
  2. Quality of supervisor statement of support

For more information about the RIPL 2018 scholarship application process, please see