2011 Colorado Public Library Statistics Finalized

The final Census edit checks are done and I want to thank everyone who helped with annotations and corrections. Of course, the completion of the edit check process means the 2011 Public Library Annual Report data has been finalized and published to LRS.org.

You can access the data in several ways…

1) Colorado Public Library Interactive Statistics (LRS-i): This tool allows for quick extraction of public library data for customized reports. Main page: http://www.lrs.org/public/stats.php

2) Colorado Public Library Statistics:  Annual library-by-library data for Colorado’s public libraries in PDF and Excel format, including Salary Tables, Input-Output Measures and State Totals and Averages. 2011 data: http://www.lrs.org/public/cannedstats.php?year=2011

3) Historic Colorado Public Library Interactive Statistics: Similar to the Public Library Interactive Statistics, this tool extracts time-series data (as far back as 1987) for a single library or a group of libraries. Main page:  http://www.lrs.org/public/historic/

Coming soon is an update of the resort category for libraries. (Thanks to Claudine for the reminder.)