The Library Research Service generates library statistics and research for library and education professionals, public officials, and the media. LRS reports and analyzes statistics on school, public, and academic libraries, and conducts studies on major library issues that are reported in the Fast Facts and Closer Look series. Topics of continuing interest to LRS and its clients are the impact of school librarians on student achievement, public libraries and the use of web technologies, and the changing library workforce.

LRS is an office of the Colorado State Library, which is a unit of the Colorado Department of Education.

Charissa Brammer



Amy Bahlenhorst
Research Analyst


Michael Peever
CSL Program Coordinator

Sara Wicen
Research Assistant


Dana Petersen
Data Consultant/Web Developer


The Library Research Service provides library professionals, educators, public officials, and the media with research and statistics about libraries.


  • To collaborate with clients to design and conduct research projects and apply the results.
  • To gather needed data; package it attractively, flexibly, and persuasively; and deliver it on time to clients.
  • To enable clients to utilize available data, to collect and report more complete and accurate statistics, and to use both types of data more effectively.