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LRS thoughtfully collects, analyzes, and distributes data that is relevant and actionable to Colorado communities and empowers library staff to do the same.

Calculating Percentage Change in Changing Times

Strengthen your data analysis by correctly calculating and communicating percentage change.

Celebrating Pi Day with Pie Charts (and other circular data visualizations)

In honor of Pi Day LRS is showcasing Colorado public library partnerships through circular data visualizations!

Directions for Research Design: Mixed Methods

Explore three different research design paths that use both qualitative and quantitative data to answer your questions.

Pouncing on Prejudice: Mitigating Assumptions and Bias in Research

Prevent bias from entering your research by keeping these tips and tricks in mind.



DART: Reference Tracker


Library Jobline connects qualified job seekers with open positions in libraries and museums nationwide through tailored search options and a robust network of employer subscribers.

Check Out Colorado State Parks 2022

This popular program continued to grow in 2022 with more than 168 checkouts weekly.

School Libraries Survey Report 2022-23

Findings from the 2022-23 School Libraries Survey.

Libraries Faced a Flood of Challenges to Books and Materials in 2022

Stay informed about the latest number of reported book challenges and the implications behind increasing challenges.

2021 Quotable Facts About Colorado Public Libraries

The 2021 Quotable Facts details quick facts about Colorado’s public libraries.