Impact Study

2005 Colorado Academic Library Impact Study

During the Spring of 2005, the Library Research Service (in association with the Colorado Academic Library Consortium) conducted a study about academic library usage and outcomes in order to gain a greater understanding of how these facilities help students learn, and to assess how libraries help instructors with their teaching activities and objectives. Over 3,200 undergraduate students and nearly 400 faculty members from nine Colorado colleges and universities responded to the study.

How Academic Libraries Help Faculty Teach and Students Learn: Undergraduate Student & Faculty Perceptions of Libraries at Nine Colorado Colleges & Universities (a presentation at the Colorado Academic Library Association Membership Meeting, Colorado Association of Libraries Annual Conference Marriott Denver Tech Center, November 12, 2005)

This first look at the final results of the Colorado academic library impact study compares faculty and student responses to complementary questions in their respective surveys. The faculty and student files are expanded PowerPoint files.