Changing Workforce

In 2003, LRS surveyed library personnel to address retirement, retention, and recruitment issues and tease out the future of the profession in Colorado. Explore the associated publications, reports, and survey results here.

Definition of Terms

Complete definitions of public library survey terms and calculations are provided here. Helpful tips on making data meaningful are also included.

Field Initiated Studies

These studies cover a range of topics, from diversity initiatives to weeding tips, but all were created and conducted by practicing librarians in Colorado.

Intellectual Freedom

Intellectual freedom is the library world’s bread and butter. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite resources, research, and policies in this guide.

Library Tools

One-stop shopping for all your data calculation and comparison needs. Test your internet speed, calculate cost of living in your town, or map your library.

Library Topics

We’ve pulled together the best resources we can find on topics of interest to libraries. Explore library budgets, fiscal indexes, summer reading, and more.

Library User Survey Templates and How-Tos

Our survey templates enable you to assess your patrons’ usage of and satisfaction with your library, as well as their demographics.

Research Methods

Conducting your own research can be a daunting prospect. Get started with our extensive resource guide on evaluations, surveys, and focus groups.

Special Libraries

Discover the world of special libraries with our quick guide of professional organizations, research by topic and library type, and related surveys.