Fast Facts Reports

May 2024

In 2023, Library Jobline saw slightly less job postings and new users than 2022, but job salaries were higher on average.

July 2023

Every year, Library Research Service publishes findings on challenges to materials and services in Colorado Public Libraries. The information is gathered from the Public Library Annual Report (PLAR) survey, as well as a follow up survey which gathers details of the challenges reported on the PLAR. Below are the findings from 2022.

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June 2023

Library Jobline connects qualified job seekers with open positions in libraries and museums nationwide through tailored search options and a robust network of employer subscribers.

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May 2022

Throughout the Great Resignation, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Recession and everything in between LRS Library Jobline Fast Facts reports have tracked the number of job seekers and employers, salaries, education requirements, position types and more for Library Jobline. In 2021, new user data from Library Jobline showed that almost half of new users (49%) were employers while the other half (51%) were job seekers. This points to a high demand for workers in 2021.