Consumer Price Index Resources

Information about the consumer price index, how it’s calculated, what it means, and how it’s impacted by inflation.

Cost-of-Living Comparison Calculator

Compares the cost of living between major cities in the United States.

Date Calculator

Add to or subtract from a date. This service enables you to add or subtract days, months, and years to a date to calculate a past or future date or to calculate the duration of a period between two dates. Created by Time and Date AS / Steffen Thorsen.
Date Calculator Duration Calculator

Federal Reserve General Inflation Calculator

Developed by the Fed, this calculator is another resource to demonstrate the impact of inflation on the value of a dollar. Also available as an app.

Inflation Calculator

A page created by S. Morgan Friedman provides an inflation calculator and links to other inflation-related sites.

Internet Speed Calculator

Click on the SpeedTest widget to calculate your internet speed. You can provide your zip code and email, but neither is necessary to obtain results. This tool calculates your upload and download speeds in kbps (kilobits per second). Generally, people are interested in your download speed (which should be the higher number).
Speed Matters Convert kbps to mbps (megabits per second)

Library Inflation Calculator

Built by the State Library of North Carolina, this library-specific inflation calculator helps public, academic, and special libraries adjust for inflation and calculate per capita inflation-adjusted dollars for advocacy and marketing efforts.

Random Date Generator

LRS-produced tool which allows users to generate random dates for any calendar year.

Sample Size Calculator

Presented by Creative Research Systems. Calculates confidence interval and sample size for your study.

Wage Calculator

The LRS wage calculator converts an hourly wage to monthly or annual, or vice versa.

Academic Comparison Tools

Compare Academic Institutions

This tool from Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Peer Analysis System is designed to enable a user to easily compare any postsecondary institution to a group of peer institutions selected by the user.

Public Comparison Tools

Community Analysis

Colorado and national resources to use in performing community analysis.

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council Geocoding System

Federal Financial Institution Examination Census demographics provided. Enter an address for data on area income level, median family income, tract/BNA population, and more.

Find Your Library

Information on approximately 9,000 public libraries and about 17,000 branches in the NCES 2000 data base. Information includes number of books, contact information and other interesting facts.

Public Library Geographic Database (PLGDB) Mapping

The database includes the locations of America’s 16,000 public libraries, population characteristics from the US Census that best describe people that use libraries, and library use statistics from the National Center for Educational Statistics.

School Comparison Tools

Great Schools

Profiles for more than 2,100 public, private and charter schools in Colorado. Find school’s test scores, teacher/student stats, and more.


Brainy Zip

Information includes state, county, post office, latitude, and longitude. For most populated zip codes, demographic, social, economic, and housing data is provided.