Public Libraries




  • Other States’ Library Statistics. Access public library statistics for states other than Colorado through these resources. Most are available on the website of each state library.
  • National Library Statistics. Want to see the national picture in public library statistics? Check out these individual library and aggregated state and national data sets from IMLS.
  • National Public Library Percentiles.¬†Explore percentiles for key library statistics–including materials expenditures, circulation, and turnover rates–and categorized by legal service area.
  • Association Library Statistics. Explore data on Colorado public libraries from PLA Public Library Data Service Statistical Report, which offers service and technology comparisons.


  • U.S. Public Libraries and the Use of Web Technologies. With this signature LRS biennial study, we assess the prevalence web technologies in U.S. public libraries. Review our 2008 and 2010 results here.
  • Return on Investment. This 2009 LRS study affirms the value of public libraries in a traditional business measure: return on investment. Most libraries had a ratio of about 5:1!
  • Counting on Results. Investigate results from libraries that participated in Counting on Results, a nationwide study of the impact of public library services on individual patrons.