Use of Statewide Databases Skyrockets in 2009: Library Patrons Benefit from Additional Databases & Training

December 2009

Use of electronic databases in Colorado libraries increased significantly during the last fiscal year, according to new data from the Acquisition of Information Resources Statewide (AIRS) Committee. Thanks to a significant investment in training for librarians and additions to the statewide database package, database use more than doubled between Fiscal Year 2007-08 (FY08) and Fiscal […]

State’s Collaborative Climate Fosters Interlibrary Loan in Colorado

December 2009

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a popular research support service in Colorado libraries. ILL borrowing has increased substantially among public and academic libraries in the state since 2004. Although the increase has been steady for these libraries, items borrowed via ILL still make up a fairly small percentage of circulation overall. Interlibrary Loan Code According to […]

Web 2.0 and Colorado’s Public Libraries

November 2009

Like most sectors, public libraries are being dramatically affected by a world of rapidly changing technology. Savvy consumers are beginning to expect the organizations that they interact with to have increasingly sophisticated web presences. In order to compete for their patrons’ attention, and better serve their communities, some public libraries are beginning to enter into […]

“ASK” – A National Campaign for Reference?

September 2009

In a world where unreliable authorship and reviewed scholarship are in a mixed bag just a Google search away, what role should the library community play in providing information acquisition and discernment? Inspired by a discussion from the Dig_Ref listserv, LRS conducted a 60-Second Survey in late 2008 and asked if librarian-assisted reference services should […]

Challenged Materials in Colorado Public Libraries, 2008

August 2009

Administered by the Library Research Service (LRS), the Public Library Annual Report collects information from Colorado’s public libraries. This survey collects a wide range of data, including the number of challenges to library materials, services, and the Internet. In 2008, 19 of the 115 public libraries in Colorado reported at least 1 challenge. What is […]

Libraries and Librarians Feeling Effects of Economic Slowdown

August 2009

The economic recession’s impact on libraries has become a hot topic in recent months. Prompted by editorials and news stories from around the country, the Library Research Service (LRS) undertook our latest 60-Second Survey, “Libraries and the Economic Recession.” The goal of this survey was to gather input from librarians in the field about how […]

User Satisfaction with AskColorado Continues

August 2009

Most users of AskColorado, the statewide 24/7 free virtual reference service, continue to report being satisfied with the service, according to a user satisfaction survey conducted by the Library Research Service (LRS). In the fall of 2008, 1,335 AskColorado users completed a pop-up survey after their virtual reference transaction. The survey asked users how helpful […]

Library Jobs in Colorado: What Does Libraryjobline.org Tell Us?

July 2009

In 2009, LibraryJobline.org began its third year of data collection[note]When the Library Research Service (LRS) took over the administration of LibraryJobline.org in January of 2007, they transferred it from the previous static website to one that is database-backed. This change gave LRS the ability to collect and analyze the information about the job postings received.[/note].  […]

Patrons Continue to Love CTBL Service

July 2009

The Colorado Talking Book Library’s (CTBL) third patron satisfaction and outcome survey was administered in 2008. It is clear from the survey results and the comments left by respondents that the overwhelming majority of patrons are very pleased with CTBL service. Overall satisfaction is exceptionally high—nearly all respondents (99%) rated CTBL as excellent or good […]

Colorado Libraries Return on Investment: 5 to 1

June 2009

It’s no secret that public libraries provide essential services to their patrons and are important resources for their communities. Intrinsic values are easy to understand, but actual values can be difficult to quantify. For every dollar spent on public libraries in Colorado, how much is returned to the community? Approximately $5, according to a study […]