Public Library Annual Report Information and Help

The 2023 Public Library Annual Report (PLAR) will open on February 12th, 2024. The PLAR is due April 12th, 2024

Contact Charissa Brammer at or 720-648-2948 (call/text) any time during business hours if you have questions or concerns about the survey.

Are you new to the PLAR? Check out the 5 Ws of the Public Library Annual Report for an overview.

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Changes to the PLAR for this year


  • CV.1-11 COVID-19 questions
  • 2.10 Number of AWE early literacy stations
  • 2.9 Number of public computers with access to commercial databases
  • 2.3 Number of weeks that no computers were available for public use
  • 2.4 If you library had to limit the number of computers available for public use during part of [year], what was the lowest number of computers available


  • Updated the way that public service hours are calculated, using the total of hours for Outlets to add up automatically to the Public Service Hours for the system.


  • 15.21 How many study rooms does this outlet have that are available for public use?
  • 15.21a Study room(s) use
  • 17.1 Do you have positions at your library that require the person in the position to be able to communicate in languages other than English?
    • If yes, how many?
    • If yes, which languages?
  • 17.2  Do you have multilingual people on staff using languages other than English to help patrons, but that is not an official part of their job?
    • If yes, how many?
    • If yes, which languages?
  • 17.3 Does your library offer programs in a language other than English?
    • If yes, which languages?