Library Research Service

Community Analysis Survey Form

This page is meant to allow you to complete a Community Analysis Scan Form for your public library. After you have filled in the fields, click on the "Print View" button to view a printable copy of your results. Note: If you want to save your results, you will need to print them. This page will not save them for you, and once you navigate away from this page they will be lost.

The resources linked to on this page were last updated November 2022. Let us know about any links that aren't working or if there are better resources for us to direct people to use.

  1. Sources for most recent data
    • Colorado Population and Demography - Division of Local Government Data includes municipal population estimates, historical data, and selected 2020 census figures.
    • Library Research Service, Colorado Public Library Annual Report
      The Library Research Service has the only site with exact LSA population figures for Colorado public libraries.
    Projected Population Sources
  2. What percent of the people living in your community are:
      2020 Latest year available
    Less than 5 years old
    Between 5 & 17 years
    Between 18 & 24 years
    Between 25 & 44 years
    Between 45 and 64 years
    Age 65 and older

  3. How many people speak a language other than English at home in your community?

  4. State the number of people in your community by race and Hispanic origin.

  5. List the number of people in your community (25 and older) with the following educational levels.

  6. Census Bureau Data Explorer
  7. What are the three largest employers in your community?

    United States Chambers of Commerce Information by State
    Lists Chambers for each city with address and telephone numbers to find out the largest employers in your community.
  8. What are the three major industries and how many people do they employ?


    Census Bureau County Business Patterns
    Use the most recent County Business Patterns (CBP) tables to search by state, county, or place for major industries in the area.
    State Demography Ofice
    List of jobs by sector; searchable by county
  9. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Local Area Unemployment Statistics
    Provides statewide information and major metropolitan data.
  10. How many are there of each of the following?

    Google search
    Try a Google search for the various categories. Adjust the Google map size to reflect the boundaries you are interested in.
  11. What other libraries are in your community?
    American Library Directory
    Perform an advanced search to find other libraries in your community. (Requires free account.)
  12. List the number of public and private schools in your community.
      Public Private
    Middle/jr. high schools
    High schools
    Community colleges
    Colorado Higher Education Directory
    Each type of postsecondary institution is listed on its own page. A search engine is also available to search the directory.
  13. Homeschool students
    Colorado Department of Education
    Colorado Department of Education Pupil Membership
    Look for the "Home Based Education Trend Data" spreadsheet.
  14. List the number of medical care organizations in your community.

    Google search
    Try a Google search for "medical your town name". Adjust the Google map size to reflect the boundaries you are interested in.
  15. List the number of social service providers in your community.

    Google search
    Try a Google search for "social services your town name". Adjust the Google map size to reflect the boundaries you are interested in.
  16. Estimate the number and types of the following organizations in your community.








    Local Chambers of Commerce websites
    Try looking on the Chamber of Commerce website for your city or town.
  17. If there are government offices in your community, list them and the type of services they provide.