2021 Quotable Facts About Colorado Public Libraries

The 2021 Quotable Facts details quick facts about Colorado’s public libraries. If you would like a printed booklet of this information please email lrs@lrs.org. Look below to see how we calculated the numbers used in this report.


Here’s how we came up with the numbers for our booklet “2021 Quotable Facts About Colorado Public Libraries.”

Library Card Holders

PLAR 2021 “LSA Registered Borrowers”

Colorado population


PLAR 2021 “Total Circulation” 

Colorado population

Wireless Internet

PLAR 2021 “Provide Wireless Access?”

Computer Usage

PLAR 2021 “Uses of Internet Computers”


Colorado Talking Book Library Patron Satisfaction Survey Report 2020

Check Out Colorado State Parks

Check Out Colorado State Parks Survey 2021

Take and Make Kits

PLAR 2021 “Take and make kit (circulating)”



PLAR 2021 “Total Staff (FTE)”

Reference Questions

PLAR 2021 “Reference Transactions”

Children’s programs

PLAR 2021 “Childrens’ Programs”


PLAR 2021 “Did your library partner with one or more organizations or groups in order to better serve your community?”

PLAR 2021 “Total Central and Branches”


PLAR 2021 “Total Central and Branches”

King Soopers Location Count


PLAR 2021 “Visits”

Professional Sporting Events Attendance

All Programs

PLAR 2021 “Total Programs” and “Total Program Attendance”

Average ticket price at movie theaters