2002 Input-Output Measures for Colorado Public Libraries

Compiled from the Colorado Public Library Annual SurveyPDF document, these library-by-library data are designed to be used in conjunction with the Colorado Public Library Profiles 2002. Together, the data provide an overview of Colorado public library finances, holdings, services, and employees.

Addresses .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Addresses, System Affiliations, and Counties
Telephones, Faxes and URLs .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Public Library Directors .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Director Names for Colorado Public Libraries
General Information .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Borrowers, Outlets, and Bookmobiles
Staff .pdfPDF document .xls Excel document
ALA-MLS Librarians, Other Staff, and Total Staff in FTEs
Computers and Networking .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Computers Available to the Public
Computers and Access Policies .pdfPDF document .xls Excel document
Access to computer and Internet policies
Library Income .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Local, State, Federal, Other, and Total Library Income
Staff Expenditures .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Salaries, Benefits, and Totals
Library Materials & Resources .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Expenditures on Bound Materials, Video, Audio, Subscriptions, Electronic Materials and Access
Misc. and Total Expenditures .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Includes Other Expenditures, and Capital Outlay
Collection .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Books, Bound Volumes, Audio and Video Materials, Software, and Print and Electronic Subscriptions
Circulation .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Includes Children’s Materials
Annual Operating Hours .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Public Service and Evening and Weekend Hours
Annual Services .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Visits, Reference and ILL
Programs .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Program Offerings and Attendance
Input Measures .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
FTE Ratios and Items per 1,000 Ratios
Funding Measures .pdf PDF document .xlsExcel document
Per Capita Funding Ratios, Staff and Materials as Percent of Operating Expenditures
Output Measures .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Registration as a Percent of Population, Services per Capita, Evening and Weekend Hours Percentages, and Turnover Rate
Challenges .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Formal challenges to library materials
Square Footage .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Main and branch library square footage
Summer Reading .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Includes count of participants and finishers.
State Totals and Averages .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
State Ratios .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document

Colorado Salaries and Wages
Library Director and Assistant Director .pdfPDF document xlsExcel document
Branch Head and Department Head .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Librarians .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Cataloger and Computer Specialist .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document
Other Staff Wages .pdfPDF document .xlsExcel document

Master FileExcel document


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