Author name: Leah Breevoort

Surveys: Don’t just set it and forget it!

June 2021

Surveys are the rotisserie oven of the data collection methods. You simply “set it, and forget it!” That’s why it’s important to be strategic about how you’re reaching your target population. Otherwise, you may be leaving out key subsets of your audience—which are often voices that are already historically underrepresented.   Is your survey equitable?  Let’s […]

Guest Post: Why Use Inclusive Language

May 2021

The Colorado State Library (CSL)’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Team (EDIT) is dedicated to raising awareness about EDI issues and spotlighting those values in Colorado’s cultural heritage profession. This guest post is the first in CSL’s new blog series that will regularly be posted on Colorado Virtual Library here. Twice a month, members of the […]

Bad Survey Questions, part 2

April 2021

Bad Survey Questions – pt. 2 Don’t let those bad survey questions go unpunished. Last time we talked about leading and loaded questions, which can inadvertently manipulate survey respondents. This week we’ll cover three question types that can just be downright confusing to someone taking your survey! Let’s dig in.  Do you know what double-barreled […]

Bad Survey Questions, part 1

March 2021

In our last post, we talked about when you should use a survey and what kind of data you can get from different question types. This week, we’re going to cover two of the big survey question mistakes evaluators make and how to avoid them so you don’t end up with biased and incomplete data. […]

Are you ready to learn about surveys? Ο Yes Ο No

March 2021

1. What is a survey? If you’ve ever responded to the U.S. Census, then you’ve taken a survey, which is simply a questionnaire that asks respondents to answer a set of questions. Surveys are a common way of collecting data because they efficiently reach a large number of people, are anonymous, and tend to be […]

Does the (Data Collection Method) Shoe Fit?

February 2021

You wouldn’t go hiking in a pair of dress shoes, right? Like the variety of shoes in your closet, there are a variety of data collection methods in all different shapes and sizes. The trick is finding which data collection method fits! Today’s post will help you determine which method is best for your evaluation. […]

The Dynamic Data Duo: Quantitative and qualitative data, part 2

February 2021

In our last post we introduced you to the dynamic data duo—quantitative (number) and qualitative (story) data. Like any good superhero squad, each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Quantitative data can usually be collected and analyzed quickly, but can’t really yield nuanced answers. Qualitative data is great at that! However, it often takes a […]

How to conduct a secondary research evaluation in four steps

December 2020

  In our last post, we assured you that it was possible to complete an evaluation without ever leaving your desk! So as promised, here’s how to conduct a secondary research evaluation in four simple steps. Remember, in the scenario in our last post, you are a youth services librarian at a rural public library […]

Conduct an Evaluation Without Ever Leaving Your Desk

November 2020

Are you ready to get your hands dirty and start evaluating? After covering outcomes, the logic model, evaluation questions, and research ethics, our next step is to start collecting data. I know many of you might be thinking, “But we’re still in a pandemic. How could we possibly do an evaluation now?” Well that’s one […]