Quotable Facts

July 2014

The 2014 Quotable Facts About Colorado Libraries details quick facts about Colorado’s public, school, and academic libraries. Here’s how we came up with our numbers. Circulation Public: Total Circulation, Colorado Totals, Colorado’s Public Library Annual Report (2013 preliminary). http://www.lrs.org/public/data/totals-averages-and-ratios/?survey_year=2013 School: Circulation per Week, Statewide Estimates, Annual Colorado School Library Survey (2012-13). 36 weeks per school …

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July 2006

Did you know that in 2004, Coloradans borrowed more items from libraries (96.5 million) than purchased Powerball tickets (80.4 million)? Review interesting facts and comparisons about Colorado library usage in this Quotable Facts repot.

February 2005

In Fall 2003, 1,241 staff from all types of Colorado libraries as well as library and information science students responded to a massive statewide appeal to participate in a voluntary survey. The following statements are based on the responses of this self-selected, anonymous group. Due to sampling constraints and variations in response rates for sub-groups, …

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