Check Out Colorado State Parks 2022

Check Out Colorado State Parks is the result of a partnership between the Colorado State Library, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and libraries across Colorado. This program allows library patrons to check out a backpack that contains a day pass to Colorado state parks as well as binoculars, wildlife and plant identification guides, a star guide, a suggested activities list, and more. When patrons check out the backpack, they have this exploration kit and free access to Colorado state parks for one week. Eliminating the entry fee to state parks allows people to enjoy these great outdoor spaces who may be unable to otherwise. Colorado State Library’s ongoing survey shows that the vast majority of Check Out Colorado backpack users are happy with this program and most learn something about both nature and their library because of it. The backpack was checked out around 8,764 times in 2022, which is more checkouts than any other year since the program began.

For more information about Check Out Colorado State Parks explore the full Closer Look Report which takes a deep dive into the history and benefits of this program.